Diagnostics, Care, and Treatment of sick pets

We know how difficult it is to see your pet in pain or distress. Our doctors and staff are trained and ready to offer the highest level of care for your sick pet. We offer in-house diagnostic services for prompt evaluation of your pet’s illness including physical exam, blood analysis, x-rays, and ultrasound. Laboratory samples are also picked up twice a day for delivery to the local diagnostic lab for additional testing when needed. In addition, we can provide hospitalization for your pet to receive intravenous fluid therapy, medications, and surgery if needed to address the problem. In the event of more serious illness or need for specialized care, we have multiple options nearby for a referral.

We can help get your pet back on track as quickly as possible. We will always give you our best advice about how best to provide the extra help your pet may need.

X-rays & Ultrasound

At Kildaire Animal Medical Center we are proud to offer the latest in digital x-ray and ultrasound technology. These technologies allow us to visualize the inside of your pet without having to resort to exploratory surgery. X-rays and ultrasound are complementary technologies, with each offering particular benefits.

X-rays are a painless method of obtaining an image of the insides of your pet’s body. Tissues with different densities appear in varying shades of white, black and gray. We use x-rays as a tool to help investigate and diagnose a variety of problems that may include the digestive tract, swallowed items, broken bones, lung conditions, arthritis, cancer, and even infections. In comparison to ultrasound, x-rays are a less-expensive way to visualize internal organs. They are particularly effective for evaluating dense structures like bones and air-filled structures like the lungs.

Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of organs, large and small, inside of your pet’s body. Compared to x-rays, ultrasound is particularly effective at examining soft tissue organs like the heart, stomach, intestines, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and bladder. We can even see organs as small as adrenal glands and lymph nodes inside of the abdomen. Ultrasound allows us to evaluate both the exterior and interior surfaces of such organs in greater detail than x-rays can. Ultrasound is not as effective at evaluating organs that are too dense or are filled with air, as the sound waves have difficulty moving through such structures. Ultrasound, therefore, shows different information from x-rays, and the two technologies are often used together to help diagnose disease.

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